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Land line, cell phone and public telephone statistics in Costa Rica.

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Telephone Evolution 

Services available include MIDA, cellular telephones, satellite mobile communications, international lines to the rest of the world, Internet access, data transmission via computer, fiber-optic rings, dedicated Internet access, digital point to point links, transportation networks with fiber and wireless digital technology (Frame Relay, TDMA), leased channels using satellite facilities, VSAT networks, X.25 Networks, ISDN Nets, and multimedia services.  

Telephone Numbers  

# of Land Lines Installed Year
1,493,000 2009
1,456,197 2005 
1,402,385  2004
1,265,000 2003
# of Public Telephones Year
21,321 2007
21,000 2003
19,000 2002
# of Cell Phones Year
1,950,000 2009
926,390 2005
911,539 2004
756,235 2003

Source: ICE Telecom (ICE)  

Telecom Network    

National Fiber Optics Telecom Network# of Kilometers
Links Among Central & Transmission Stations 4,455
Network for Commuter Access 6,191


Telecom Services        

International Service  
Country Telephone Code 506; can dial directly from US ; dial 011 + country code + phone number
Connected to Central America Microwave System Satellite Earth Station - 2 Intelsat (Atlantic Ocean)

Radio Stations  

Broadcast Stations by TypeNumber
AM Radio 43 
FM Radio 44

Source: CANARA 

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