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Natural Resources & Land Use

Natural Resources & Land Use

Natural resources and geographic features of Costa Rica.

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Area (including
Isla del Coco)
Square milesSquare kilometers
Total 19,730 51,100-51,200
Land 19,560 50,660
Comparative slightly smaller than West Virginia, U.S.A


Total Land 390 639
Nicaragua (to the north) 188.5 309
Panama (to the south) 201.3 330
Coastline 787 1,290

Major Geographic Features

Major Geographic FeaturesDetails
Isthmus 121 km. (74 mi.) wide at narrowest point
Mountain Ranges Two traverse the isthmus
Meseta Central Plateau (coastal plain) Enclosed by rugged mountains
Protected wildlife areas 30% of the national territory
Biodiversity Costa Rica has 5% of the world's biodiversity; One of the highest concentrations on the planet

Climate, Zones, & Seasons

Tropical Torrid, <3000 ft. elevation
Temperate, >3000 ft. & <6000 ft.
Cool, > 6000 ft. elevation
Dry, December to April
Rainy, May to November


Centigrade (°C)Fahrenheit (F)Locations
21  69.8 Annual average San Jose (capital)
25 to 35  77 to 95 Hot coastal zone
15 to 25 59 to 77 Moderate zone
< 15  < 59 Higher elevations

Precipitation and Natural Resources 

Annual rainfall ˜77 inches in central plateau
Natural Resources Hydropower Potential

Land Use

Land Use%
Meadows & Pastures 45.00%
Forest & Woodland 34.00%
Other 8.00%
Permanent Crops 7.00%
Arable Land 6.00%
Total 100.00%

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