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Foreign Investment

Foreign Investment

Statistics on foreign direct investment within Costa Rica.

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 Foreign Direct Investment  

YearU.S. Dollars
2009 $1,347,000,000
2008 $2,016,000,000
2007 $1,896,000,000
2006 $1,469,000,000
2005 $861,000,000

Source: Central Bank of Costa Rica

Foreign Firms With Facilities in Costa Rica

Acer Call Center
Aetc International  Electronic cards
Align Techonologies Virtual orthodontic treatments
Avon Productos Jewelry
British American Tobbaco SSC  Shared Service
Conair Hair dryers (electric appliances )
Divisiones Interiores Computer cards
Dole Fruit Co. Regional information center
DSC Communications Phone exchange cards & boards (integrated motherboards)
Fibras Opticas Comrec Fiber-optic cable
Gerber Products  Children's products
IBM  Back Office
Intel Computers
LST Laser Eye surgery instruments
Procter Gamble  Business Services
Realidad Informatica Data transmission
Samsung  Intel technical support
Sawtek Integrated circuits
Sensor Scientific Sensors
Sensortronica FLEX circuits - fine cable
Sigma Dam Electrical Accessories
Sylvania & Trimpot Electrical Components
Sysde Computacion Software
Western Union  Call Center

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