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Ease of Doing Business

Ease of Doing Business

The World Bank ranks 183 countries around world on their ease of doing business. The rankings take into account 46 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, 24 in East Asia and Pacific, 27 in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, 32 in Latin America and The Caribbean, 19 in the Middle East and North Africa and 8 in South Asia. Costa Rica received an overall Doing Business 2012 rank of 121.

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To calculate the ease of doing business in each country, the World Bank ranked several individual factors important to opening, sustaining and closing a business. These include requirements for starting a business, requesting an electricity hookup, obtaining credit, paying taxes, enforcing contracts, and resolving insolvency. Import data included the number of steps or procedures required to complete each task, as well as length of time required and relative cost.

Rank for Doing Business 2012

Ranking out of 183 economies


Starting a Business 122
Dealing with Construction Permits 141
Getting Electricity 43
Registering Property 46
Getting Credit 98
Protecting Investors 166
Paying Taxes 138
Trading Across Borders 73
Enforcing Contracts 129
Resolving Insolvency 121

Summary of Indicators

Starting a Business

Procedures (number) 12
Time (days) 60
Cost (% of income per capita) 11.1
Min. capital (% of income per capita) 0

Dealing with Construction Permits

Procedures (number) 20
Time (days) 188
Cost (% of income per capita) 164.5

Getting Electricity

Procedures (number) 6
Time (days) 62
Cost (% of income per capita) 299.5

Registering Property

Procedures (number) 5
Time (days) 20
Cost (% of income per capita) 3.4

Getting Credit

Strength of legal rights index (0-10) 3
Depth of credit information index (0-6) 5
Public registry coverage (% of adults) 25.5
Private bureau coverage (% of adults) 78.9

Protecting Investors

Extent of disclosure index (0-10) 2
Extent of director liability index (0-10) 5
Ease of shareholder suits index (0-10) 2
Strength of investor protection index (0-10) 3.0

Paying Taxes

Payments (number per year) 31
Time (hours per year) 246
Profit tax (%) 18.9
Labor tax and contributions (%) 29.5
Other taxes (%) 6.6
Total tax rate (% profit) 55.0

Trading Across Borders

Documents to export (number) 6
Time to export (days) 13
Cost to export (US$ per container) 1190
Documents to import (number) 7
Time to import (days) 15
Cost to import (US$ per container) 1190

Enforcing Contracts

Procedures (number) 40
Time (days) 852
Cost (% of income per capita) 24.3

Resolving Insolvency

Recovery rate (cents on the dollar) 22.2
Time (years) 3.5
Cost (% of estate) 15

Source: The World Bank

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